Microeconomics Podcasts

In their quest to understand the economics of designer fashion brands, maple syrup, electric cars, election spending, and more, students in Mr. Eckman's microeconomics class have created Planet Money-style podcasts featuring interviews with special guests who are experts in their chosen topics.

A Sticky Shortage in Canada: Investigating the Supply Chain Issue on the World’s Most Beloved Topping

By Grace Burkaw, Andrew Burke and Vince Menichelli

Queen’s University faculty member, Dr. Dee

Global Utility: Mistakes Made by the Modern Investor

By Owen DePillo and Ryan Hammond

Former Moravian Academy board chair and parent and current financial advisor, Robert Brown

The Allure of Gucci

ByIsabella Bartolacci, Lauren Reid, and Grace Wright

A consignment store specialist

Who’s Buying? Supply and Demand in the Electric Vehicle Market

By Ben Carosella, Jay Jiang, and Samit Mohapatra

 electric vehicle expert, Andy Wright

Seasonal Drinks: How important are they to Starbucks’ Success?

By Juliana Blobe and Emma Scarperi

Moravian Academy alum and Starbucks manager, Tristen Rodney

Fast Fashion and its Environmental Impact

By Grace Caballes, Lily Farr, and Katy Shnier

former Moravian Academy science teacher and current Queen’s University faculty member, Dr. Dee

The Costs and Benefits of Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

By Jamilie Atiyeh, Matt Fanning, and Ava Perucci

Representative Peter Schweyer

Rail Travel in the U.S.: Why is it so far behind?

By Will Bakos and Chris Milot

Nathaniel Guest, executive director and owner of the Colebrookdale Railroad

When does it make sense for a sports franchise to relocate?

By Jaxsen Miller and Jackson Oltman 

Professor Victor Matheson, a sports economist from the College of Holy Cross


Does spending make a difference in winning elections?

By Bruno Shannon

Bernie Sanders’ pollstar, Ben Tulchin

The Power of COmpound INterest

The Power of Compound Interest [Coming soon!]

By Zach Demsky, Arsh Kandola, and Jason Schippell 

Nick Greenfield, Head of Business Analytics as Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LL

The Unknown Gamble

By Jai Ailawadi, Archie Debbage, and Aarav Shyamkumar

Josh Ercole, Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of PA

From Beyond The Arc

By Soren Gandhi and Gennaro Mazzella

Mark Hueber, an assistant men’s basketball coach at Lafayette College

Economics of Strawberries

The Economics of Strawberries [Coming soon!]

By Jack Bowser, Calli Colitas, and Dmitry Gazheev

Deb Colitas, owner of Valley Fruits & Veggies

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